Happy New Year!

Hooray for 2015. Some exciting things ahead for me this year. Some work related, and a big one not so work related.

First... in 3 weeks time (February 1st to be exact) my new book 'My Abuelo's Mexican Feast' will hit the book shops! Yay! I'm super excited and super proud of this book. 

It's a follow up book to My Abuela's Table and once again features many of my Abuela's wonderful recipes. However, My Abuelo's Mexican Feast follows (chronologically) the life of my Abuelo (grandfather) and the food he loved to eat. From when he was young helping out in his father's seafood restaurant to his university years in Mexico City, discovering the wonders of Street Food, to the foods he would devour on the family farm.

I will be posting some photos in the next week, but until then, here is the cover to whet your appetite: 

Second big adventure for this year is I'm expecting a new arrival in April, which means I'll be winding work down in March (and winding up the knitting of little sweaters). So excited! Yay!

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  1. Congratulations on both of your new ventures. April is the perfect time for a baby.