The Paper Pinwheel

Did I mention I have my very own website selling beautiful illustrated wedding invitations? This will soon be expanded to other types of invitations, but at the moment I am building the number of designs I have on offer for weddings.


When I got married, I was disheartened with all the crapola out there in wedding invitation land (it's a big land, with a great big population!). So I wanted to create something unique, personal, and beautiful.

I offer a full printed invitation service (from just $3.20 per invitation), or if you are on a strict budget I also offer 'printable designs' which means all you pay for is the design (you receive a print ready file) and you can print as many as you like! Read how printable invitations work over here.

If you're like me, and want everything to be 'just so', I also offer bespoke wedding invitations - just like this one:

I loved working on this custom job. I ended up designing everything from the invitations, to hand painting little dessert and cheese labels for the big day. Such fun!

So, if you know of anyone getting married and looking for unique invitations to set their wedding apart, send them to me over here! And keep your eye out for my new designs coming soon!

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