FrOctober 30th

Wow. I've almost made it. I was struggling around the 'Frocktober the 13th' mark, but I've powered on through - mainly thanks to your donations.

It's not over yet, so here is the second last dress for the challenge...

If you are downloading and enjoying these dresses, please consider donating to the very worth cause of raising funds for Ovarian Cancer Research. Here is some more info if you are a little hesitant of donating!

I was reminded by my other half the other day that most people just do a jog around a park to raise funds... or grow some facial hair (NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THOSE VERY WORTHY FUND RAISING EFFORTS!!!)... but I had to make it really difficult for myself spending an hour, on average, for 31 days illustrating dresses! That's around 31 hours work... Blimey!

Crazy? Or dedicated?


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