Frocktober the 1st

It's Frocktober the 1st! And here is Emily's first frock. She is feeling a bit nautical today although it's not very nautical weather here in Melbourne. Hopefully it is where you are.

I thought I would also offer some tips for putting together Emily: 

1. When printing, make sure you don't 'fit to page' or 'scale to fit' as Emily's clothes will be way to big for her! Print both Emily and her outfits without scaling.

2. Use nail scissors or (carefully) cut out with a craft knife.

3. If Emily is flopping a bit (she's pretty tall!) maybe stick a popsicle stick at the back of her. This will give her some strength.

4. Donate!


Emily and I received our first donation today. Thank you so much Natalija Homatopoulos. You've broken the drought. 

You too can receive karmic brownie points by donating to this fabulous cause:

Thank you!

click on image to be redirected to printable version
here she is in-situ:

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