Viva Mexico!

This Sunday, September 16th, is Mexican Independence Day, and I'm so excited to announce there is going to be a Mexican Festival on at Federation Square in Melbourne to celebrate, with traditional Mexican food, handicrafts, mariachis and of course margaritas! yay!

What's even more exciting is I will be there selling my 'La Cocina' stoneware range and 'My Abuela's Table'. Ok, there is something even more exciting...there is going to be a cooking demonstration by the Australian MasterChef winner Andy and runner-up Ben, who are going to be using 'La Cocina' to serve up their Mexican delights. Woo! Massive exposure, and I'm so excited.

Here is a little more information from the Mission Mexican Fest's facebook page:

Mission's Mexican Festival is a celebration of Mexican culture that is being hosted at Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia on September 16th, which is Mexico's Independence Day. 

Mission's Mexican Festival will mix Food, Art, Music, and Culture 
to give Melbourne a True Taste of Mexico.


  1. LOve love love your stone ware range... it's just gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations on how well your La Cocina set is doing, I've seen it in quite a few stores here in NSW, it is the exact style I have been looking for, for many years. I was really happy to find out they are created by an Australian artist too. The lady at the check out told me how much she loves them as it reminds her of her grandmothers set.

    Your illustrations are just beautiful and something about your stoneware set just makes my heart melt, I plan to get more pieces of the collection each time I can afford another one to add. :) I plan to keep these for the rest of my days, so thank you for making something so beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much for your gorgeous comment! You made my day xo