La Cocina

Last post I told you about (and showed you!) my new stationery range 'Floribunda' which is about to hit shops. Huzzah! 

Today I can finally show you what is possibly the biggest job I've done to date - Yes, even bigger than my cookbook believe it or not.

La stoneware range produced by the lovely folk (and they really are lovely to work with) at Ashdene.

A couple of weekends ago was the official launch of La Cocina, at the AGHA trade fair here in Melbourne. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours chatting to wholesale buyers and getting a first hand reaction to my product. Luckily it was all good!


Now I can share it with you all...

Excuse the 'not so great' photos...but there are some nice ones at the bottom taken by Ashdene's photographer, Lauren Kenny. Thanks Lauren!

My favourite piece...the side handled jug

Large platter, salad bowls, much more!

another favourite piece...set of three mixing!

the water pitcher. I can see me using this as a lovely vase!

melamine accessories are also part of my range!

Ah, such a cute little mortar & pestle
Each piece was lovingly designed and meticulously hand painted with water colour and ink...very much in a similar style as Floribunda and My Abuela's Table

The process involved painting with water colours (as I usually work) within a die line, and then I scanned and produced the final artwork in Illustrator which was then transformed into decals and hand positioned on each piece (I didn't do that bit...I would have had a breakdown by now!). I was pretty amazed at how the decal factory were able to maintain the water colour texture of my paintings. I'm very chuffed with the result.

my table at the AGHA trade fair

some mood shots...with my book!

yum, yum, yum

You'll be able to buy the La Cocina range next month (September) in kitchen-ware stores...and hopefully places like Myer! You'll all be sick of me! ;-)


p.s. looks like it's going to get a bit of press next months in food magazines! Yay!

p.p.s. speaking of press...My Abuela's Table is about to be reviewed by...wait for it... THE NEW YORK TIMES!!!! OH. MY. GOD!!! Hope they say nice things!


  1. Exciting times, you're really going places! The stoneware looks beautiful. Congratulations on everything.

  2. beautiful!!! congratulations

  3. Oh my goodness!!!! That is just fantsatic news AND I love your la cocina range! So amazing and im rooting for your all the way from sunny SA!! Will blog about this for sure. Glad you sound well and happy. You must be over the moon and of course they (NYT) will say amazing things xxx

  4. Wow! That's so exciting - your own stoneware range (which looks amazing!) and an upcoming review in the NYT!!!! Hip hip hooray! By the way, was really interesting reading about your process for the stoneware art. I'm looking forward to seeing them in the shops. You go girl!

  5. Daniella, these are so pretty that they put a big smile on my face =) There has been so much mid-century modern around lately, and even though I love this style too, it's lovely to see something that really celebrates colour and pattern and... well, happiness. Your design reminds me of the stoneware that my grandmother owned, but it also looks fresh and modern. Congratulations! And from what I've seen from My Abuela's Table, the NYT should say only nice things about it. Fingers crossed!

  6. Thanks everyone!! It's so nice to hear your supportive comments.


  7. hey! I'm living in the US and was wondering where (if anywhere) I can order items from your la cocina range? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Klarisse! I'm not 100% sure if its available in the US just yet, but i know it will be. I'll try to find out for you.