Floribunda stationery range

It's here! Well, almost. Due out in September, my Floribunda stationery range has arrive from the printers and a sample range has landed onto my door step thanks to Hardie Grant Books.

The range includes a journal, set of 3 mini note books, and a set of 20 (4 designs) gift cards which comes in a lovely box. How excitement!!

The design sits along side my cookbook 'My Abuela's Table' nicely...and also sits well with my up coming stoneware range (is that a hint and a half or what!?)

Here are a few photos. Keep an eye out in September for my range. It should be available in book shops and department stores. Yay! 



  1. Hey Daniella, thanks for the stock cube tip. I have a total phobia of stock cubes after once biting into one as a child, thinking it was chocolate! Your book is gorgeous - and this stationery is amazing. Can't believe there will be stoneware too! Can you drop me a line when that's in the offing?

  2. Congratulations! Looks absolutely gorgeous!!