Where's My Abuela's Table?

I like to stalk my cook book in various book shops and stores (ok...ALL book shops and stores). Lately, it's been a little difficult to find. But the good news is, the first print run of My Abuela's Table has almost sold out and is going into a second print run. Hurrah!

Hopefully it will be a little bit more visible in stores soon. Until then, if you're looking for a copy, try Booktopia.

Even more excitingly, My Abuela's Table is going to be published in the US in September this year by Rizzoli! How amazing is that!? I might have to extend my book stalking internationally. A trip to New York perhaps!? Yes please!

In other related news, 'Sweetie' (illustrated by moi) is also going to hit the US shelves in September. Awww...I'm so chuffed. What more could I want? More? OK then...

(Yes, there is more). I've just finished two very exciting projects, of which I hope to share some images with you soon. Until that time, I can say that I have my own stationery range being released through Hardie Grant Books, also in September (exciting month for me). Hurrah! The range includes a journal, a pack of 3 mini note books, and a pack of 20 gift cards (5 x 4 designs). So fun. I can't wait to see them in shops.

Another exciting project I recently completed (and this was a BIG job which resulted in me becoming a recluse for months) is my own kitchen stoneware range, produced by Ashdene (a Melbourne owned company). Plates, mugs, bowls, canisters, platters, jugs etc. I can still hardly believe it, even after spending months working on the job. The range is called 'La Cocina' which might hint at the style! It will be officially launched in...you guessed it... September! Everyone will be sick of me by then!

So, that's my long over due update...Hopefully it's a little clearer why I have been neglecting my blog, and I hope to post some photos in the next month or two.




  1. Extra book sighting for you. I found your book in Wholefoods, London (England) today. Looks amazing.

  2. Wow I can't wait to see all your new work!! I've also been spotting your book in a range of bookstores lately... exciting!
    By the way, I linked you from my blog: www.katiapellicciotta.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Katie! That's very sweet of you. xo

  3. Hi Dani!! Just bought your book online! Very excited to read it and see any beautiful illustrations you may have in there!! We will definitely use the recipes in our Nutrition Workshops for our clients! They always love our recipes so it'll be great to have something fresh and new! Also, am seeing Solange in GC in 2 weeks while we're at a conference so will show her the book!! xx I'm so happy for you!! Well done to you!! Joan xx from St Margaret Mary's