It took me a while to work out what BHLDN actually stood for, but it finally clicked - Beholden. How slow am I?!!

Anyhoo, I have just spent pretty much my whole weekend on the BHLDN website, which I stumbled upon during some random web searching for wedding dresses (yes! I am getting organised early on...we haven't even set a date yet!).

I just had to share this site with you. Even if you are not getting on!!

Not only did I just buy my wedding dress from there (sight unseen - totally unlike me), but also purchased a (super cute 'woods' inspired) cake stand and put together a couple of mood boards for the big day - saved on their site for future reference. There are even 'how-to's for hair and make-up, and even a quiz to find out what kind of bride you are (ie: what dresses/wedding styles might suit you) - who knew planning for a wedding could be so simple!

Source: BHLDN
Source: BHLDN
Example mood board!
Source: BHLDN

I would never have considered purchasing my wedding dress online before, but I fell in love with the dresses on BHLDN instantly, and with their free returns (they even pay for the return postage!), I felt the risk was pretty minimal. Plus I LOVE my dress. Most dresses include feedback from previous purchasers which is really helpful. It's great to hear from a purchaser that the dress is even better in real life. And some dresses even have video to show how the dress moves when you walk in it. Hurrah!

Another mood board!
Source: BHLDN
Source: BHLDN

Even if you are not getting married, there are so many lovely things to look at on BHLDN. Lots of cute homewares and styling ideas as well as some gorgeous party dresses. It took a lot of restraint not to add on another dress to my order for our engagement party. Oh, I could spend a lot of money on this site...


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