Viva Mexico

It's been a long time since my last post...bad blogger! I have been busy preparing for my trip to Mexico (and trying to get work finished before hand!).

I am here now, after a few nice days in San Diego. I am staying put in Mexico City for 2 and a bit weeks which is very exciting. I have lots of family here which is even better.

I was finally able to give a copy of my book 'My Abuela's Table' to my abuela. She was very, very happy. I hope I did her proud. I am wishing I had taken a photo of the moment I gave it to her, but alas, I think I was a bit too nervous at the time!

Yesterday was my first day in Mexico City. I have been here a number of times before, but never have I seen the city looking so clean and green. Amazing. I could even see the volcanoes in the distance covered in snow (they used to always be covered by smog - not anymore).

I went to the Museum of Anthropology - which was AMAZING. Again, I have been there before, but as a little kid with not much appreciation for what was in front of me. But this time around I was inspired beyond belief. Especially by the Peyote bead work - a few photos below. You will see what I mean.

I am off to Chapultapec - the Castle in Mexico city. I went as a kid and was blown away by the murals  and can't wait to see it all again. I will blog about that in the next few days!

Meanwhile, here are some photos from yesterday. Apologies for the quality - I took them on my iPhone!


  1. Cool stuff Daniella! Enjoy Mexico! I'm missing the Hispanic influence that I've grown accustomed to being from Southern California. Now I am currently in Melbourne. Read Rain of Gold by Victor Villasenor if you ever feel the same. xx

  2. Lucky you! Mexico city is my favorite place in the world! Magic and history surrounds you everywhere you go. I got your cookbook today, it's a piece of art. I saw it in one of the Anthropology shops here in Chelsea, London. By the way I'm a spanish foodie...Cheers and have some chicharrĂ³n for me!

  3. That's it, I'm going to Mexico! LOVE the photos - sublime and so inspiring. Thanks.