My boy and I spent last week in Dayelsford - possibly my most favourite place in Victoria... possibly Australia. We stayed in a lovely little cottage which was wonderfully styled with all the things I like (lots of lovely woolen blankets, retro furniture, a fireplace and a big, beautiful bath). Our two dogs also enjoyed the big back yard (and we enjoyed that it was properly fenced - some accommodation places use the term 'pet friendly' so loosely!).

First night there, we had the most AMAZING dinner at 'A Perfect Drop'. If you are ever in Dayelsford you have to go there. The food is fabulous, service wonderful and the atmosphere, lovely. T'was the start to a lovely few days.

I think this was the first break away I've had where I have been able to completely relax, not thinking about much at all but knitting, drawing and reading. How lovely is it when you find yourself being able to do that!? I did some drawing, inspired by things I saw around the place.

Here is a little landscape. Not exactly Dayelsford, but inspired by the lovely church there and the surrounding farms and houses.



  1. Please, please, please put copies of this sweet print in your shop! My family have a caravan at Daylesford, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hang this print in our van....I agree, it is the loveliest spot. Next time you go, try eating at Grace Notes. It's probably my pick of the cafes on Vincent St.

  2. Aw, thanks Carolyn. I am off to the printers tomorrow, so I shall put some prints up on my etsy store! Keep your eye out over the next few days :)

    And I will definitely give Grace Notes a try next time I am there!


  3. I absolutely love your illustrations Daniella, and this one is the most adorable yet!
    Thanks for the visual treats:)