I love a good High Pressure system

This weekend just passed was a glorious one in Melbourne. Heck, it still is fabulous as I type this in my backyard sitting in the sun. It's been a long, wet winter, so I am happy to be feeling the warmth of the sun finally.

To celebrate this Spring weather, I revamped my veggie patch. Out with the old leeks and beetroot (the only things that actually grew very well over winter) and in with the new summer veggie patch. For the first time I planted from seed, so I hope they grow! Grow my pretties! Grow!

Here are a few things I planted...

And a few things I found along the way...


  1. Got to love a little veggie patch Yum! Love you illustrations of all the creepy crawlies you found too :)

  2. Great work on the veggie patch, I recently heard a seed growing tip which seems to be working... use old toilet rolls filled with soil to grow them in on your window sill, maybe we a hot house (ie plastic container around them) and they love it!

  3. Thanks for the tip Jess! I might try that...sowing directly into the ground takes ages for the seeds to sprout (they have only just started to come out of the ground!!). I am very impatient.