Feast: SBS's new food magazine!

I picked up my copy of the very first issue of 'Feast' the lovely new magazine from SBS Food. How bright and lovely is the cover? I love how different it is to other food magazines and the actual textile feel of the cover is lovely and soft.

Alright, there is another reason why I love this magazine... because I am in it! Well, my book is! It is featured over a whopping 5 pages. Lots of recipes and illustrations. So excited to be in the very first issue of Feast. Hurrah!

(oh, and there are other amazing recipes in the magazine too... this issue has a great focus on Mexican and South American food).

Here is a sneak peek of my article... now go out and buy a copy! 



  1. Hi Daniella, I was really happy to see your book featured in Feast. Great magazine and as I've said before... I love your work :) I've been having fun introducing my Aussie boyfriend to the Mexican foods you've written about that I miss eating in the US.