Cultiv.ate magazine

I recently did an interview with the very lovely online magazine Cultiv.ate edited by Sophia Smilovitis. This magazine is full of lovely photography and interesting articles...including mine! Click here for my article, and it even has my recipe for Pollo en Vino!

Thanks for spreading the word about my book Sophia.


Image by Sophia Smilovitis


  1. What a beautiful way to show the book!

  2. fantastic-well done !

  3. Congratulation and good luck with your book... it looks awesome!!

  4. Hi Daniella,
    I love your cookbook! I'm the secretary of Sociedad de Espanol, the Spanish club at Melbourne Uni. Is it ok if I post a link on our Facebook page to let people know of your awesome book? If so, which website do you prefer? Hardie Grant's?

  5. Thanks everyone! :)

    Mary, that would be lovely! Maybe if you put a link to the Readings website:

    so people know where they can buy it (or one of the places they can at least!) and it would be awesome if you can put a link to this blog, so people can have a look at pages from the book!

    Thanks a lot! I appreciate your support :)