Not just any old chocolate...Koko Black chocolate.

The lovely Koko Black team sent me a nice big box of their beautiful chocolates to congratulate me on publishing My Abuela's Table. How amazingly wonderful is that!? Needless to say I have almost devoured them all. No restraint here!

'Why?' you might ask, did they send me choccies? Maybe because I am a serial-entrant into their drawing competition each year! I thought it was only fitting that I painted a few of the chocolates and post them here.

Thanks Koko Black. 



  1. It's a gorgeous illustration - truly fitting for some of the most fabulous chocolates on the planet. I am always torn between Haighs and Koko Black - mmmm....both good!

  2. Hi, I have just popped over from The Design Files... LOVE your work it's just beautiful!!! I have just started learning how to use watercolour and I'm loving it! Your work is very inspirational!!

    Love your $300 camper boots and theose chocolates look yummy :)

  3. Oooooh strawberry hearts are my faves! <3