Time to start getting serious...

I only have two weeks left of my 'day job' before I enter the scary world of full-time freelance illustration/design. Ever since I was 16 I've been working, with a steady income. But now I am saying goodbye to financial security and am embracing the roller coaster that lays ahead. Hmmm... and paper work... and doing book-keeping... all of which I know nothing about.

So, now that I have to be super proactive at earning an income, I've been adding a few things to my Etsy shop of late with more to come very soon. My label: One Black Sheep was born almost 5 years ago now! But now it's time to get serious with it (and my illustration work of course).


I've been stocking my wares in a great shop in Wynnum (Brisbane) called The Collective Store. Owned and run by the wonderful Leonie McIntosh, the store is full of wonderful crafty/arty goods - all handmade with love. Living in Melbourne, I am sad I have not yet been to visit the store, but urge all you Queenslanders and visitors to do so. It's a wonderful concept - I have my own little shelf which I pay a modest fee to display my products and I get to keep all my profits. No commissions taken away which is always nice :-) What a great way for artists/crafters to sell their wares, and it results in a shop full of wonderfully eclectic handmade goodness.

A few photos of the store below. My fishy pillow and stamps are sitting in the front window at the moment! How lovely!

My fish cushion and stamps!

Oooo, I love this skirt!

 The Collective Store: 78 Bay Terrace, Wynnum Qldwww.thecollectivestore.com.au

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  1. I have already bought two of your stamps from there, one as a gift and one for me! A little acorn and a little bird - I love them- it's a great place. Best wishes with your work!