I have recently noticed a growing trend for magazines to present fashion spreads, not through the use of photography, but through lovely illustrations. I'm not sure why, but it makes me want to own the clothes even more.

I thought to myself: 'I'd like to give that a try' (the fashion illustration part, that is). So I thought I would create my own opportunity and approached my lovely friend Edith Holloway who runs her own online lingerie company 'Sauvage'. Sauvage stocks the most amazingly beautiful underwear and swimwear, some of which I can only dream of wearing. Brands range from Miss Mandalay to Pleasure State to O Lingerie and oh-so many more. There are racy lacy bras to cute boy-style undies. The swimwear range is all very lovely as well. Sauvage also offers free returns or exchanges. So if it doesn't fit you don't have to stress too much! I like this a lot.

It was tough choosing which pieces to illustrate, but I chose a few of my favourites..and it just so happens a lot of these items are on sale at the moment (even better!).

Pop over to Sauvage here:


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  1. These are so beautiful! And I totally agree - I think good illustrations of clothes are even more lovely than photos. I wish there was a way to some how wear drawings...

    Katie x