Oh, I couldn't resist. 

Here are some more images from my book which is available
in store now!

On the left is the original book submitted for my course;
On the right is the published version!

You can buy it online here.


  1. hello! i found your book on this blog and fell in love. in a rare twist of fate the next day, i won a copy of it from your publisher!

    i am so excited to receive it and try your recipes. if you don't mind, i'd love to share some of my experiences on my own blog?

    i'll let you know when i receive it can swoon over the beautiful illustrations in person :) great work and congrats on your success!

  2. Hi Yasmeen,

    Oh that's so great! Congrats on winning the book. I hope you love it! And of course, do share your experiences on your blog. Keep me posted so I know how you are going with it and if you enjoy the recipes!


  3. Hello! Came across your blog via SBS food's article - the book looks gorgeous. Can't wait to get my hands on it. :)

  4. Congratulations on the book!! It looks just beautiful and it has such a great story behind it too!! I'm sure it's going to do so excellently!! I have to get a copy... NOW! :)

  5. Hi Daniella,
    Been googling you this morning and thought I should let you know why! Last night I went round to a dinner with 6 other friends and the host had cooked an amazing Mexican feast all from recipes from your book. We all just ranted and raved about how delicious is all was. From the beans, salsas to that yummy doughnut like dessert and hot chic stirred with cinnamon. So NOW I decided I must have this book and was very excited to find your a melb gal just like me. Thought I should let you know about how excited we all were about your recipes/ book. I'm DEFINATELY heading out today to find it on the shelves! Thanks :)

  6. Thank you so much Rosemary!! It's so nice to hear stories of people enjoying recipes from my book! My Abuela will also be very happy :)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write. I hope you enjoy cooking from the book yourself.