Another little sneak peek: My Abuela's Table

Just over 3 weeks to go until My Abuela's Table hits the book stores. I am beside myself with excitement and it's really difficult to not post lots more images of the book here... but I don't want to spoil all the little the cheeky piggy and chickens that appear in the book. But here is a quirky cod dressed in Spanish military attire. I had so much fun painting him. I think he looks very silly and he made me laugh when I finished him.


  1. Your illustrations are lovely. I simple love the food illos especially the Gingernut post. Just wanted to say I'm glad I stumbled on your blog :)

  2. Dear Daniella,

    I'm mexican and new to Australia so when I stumbled upon your book I almost jumped and danced with joy. It's a lovely book and specially I love how true you are to all the recipes. It will become a favorite in my house and I hope to pass it on to my children some day. It's beautifully ilustrated and the cheeky chicken and pig are hilarious. Great work!!!! Keep it coming and thank you from the bottom of my mexican heart.

  3. Thank you Lena!! How lovely of you to say :)

    I hope you're loving Australia and my book continues to spark memories from home ;)


  4. This is so seriously inspiring. Your book is gorgeous! Congratulations on getting published. :)