Procrastination my old friend.

I am working on some really exciting stuff for Hardie Grant at the moment, but I still suffer from bouts of procrastination here and there...especially when I have a tight deadline (the nearest one being, monday morning).

In the clean up of my desk, I notice that I doodle a lot on random bits of paper. This doesn't help with clutter (a problem of mine) as I feel the need to keep all my doodles (good or bad). I've decided to post a few every now and then. To keep track of my random doodling (I really should learn to keep a sketch book, but I buy them and am too scared to wreck them with potentially bad drawings).

I think I did this little doodle while sitting at the Northcote markets one year. Not great, but hey, I have a fear of drawing people and faces, so it's part of my self prescribed therapy to put them out there.