Koko Black Easter box

I've just spent the past week busy having my appendix removed and being bed ridden in recovery mode. I never really knew what pain was before having to go under the knife. But I'm slowly recovering.

One thing that certainly cheered me up was receiving a parcel the day after I got home from hospital, from Koko Black. I had no idea what it could be and was thrilled to discover it was 6 chocolate Easter boxes with my illustration on it. This was my entry for last year's Koko Black Drawing Prize which I received a 'special commendation'.

What's even more cool is you can purchase these choccie boxes! Either in store (if you're in Victoria or ACT) or on line: www.kokoblack.com

Mine is the 'Finders Keepers Collector Box'. It comes with 2 praline bunnies and 3 speckled eggs.


NB: Oh my god, the chocolates are delicious!!

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