Dear blog... sorry I have been neglecting you.

I thought finishing uni would mean lots of spare time on my hands. But alas, not. I like to make my life hectic, and the Northcote markets have certainly stepped up to the plate in that respect.

My house is overrun by stamps. Rubber stamps. For my birthday this year, my lovely boyfriend bought me a stamp making machine. These things aren't cheap, and now is the time the little UV light box comes up with the goods. And that, it has.

Here are a few images of my stamps. I have a lot more designs, but these were the only ones left after last night's stall and the only ones I had to photograph!

Moose - the rubber stampy bit.

After the markets there will be some on my website:

I am going to be cheating with a BigCartel store for the moment... until I work out how to create my own site!


  1. hello daniella
    i purchased a bird rubber stamp at the northcote marktets the other night as a christmas gift for my sister (but i think i really bought it for myself) and i LOVED LOVED LOVED your stamps so much! after the silly season i would like a rabbit, bear, moose and fox for myself!

  2. Hey, I just came across your awesome blog! I love the name of your blog and all your drawings and stamps! I would really like to bid on the goodies you have on offer in the auction but unfortunately I'm a little broke myself at the moment. Good luck with everything!

  3. hi, just found your blog through Meet Me at Mikes and love it!! you are very talented :)
    Just wanted to ask where you got your stamp making machine from?
    Good luck with the new book - looks fantastic!