October 4 - 5th

Oh dear. My posting has fallen by the way side again. I had done the following little drawings last week and had no time to post them. Since then, have had no time to draw! For my blog that is. Just for my book...

Good news is I have finished my book! Ready to hand in tomorrow. I'm pretty pleased with the finished result! I think I will be posting some photos of it in the next few days to show that I wasn't lying about having so much work to do! It ended up being 104 pages - all illustrated. I think there were around 250+ separate drawings done for this book. Hence, I am now pretty tired!

Anyway, here are some token purchases made last week (including a pair of Levis I can't seem to stop wearing):

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  1. They finally made us pay for free stuff (water) We'll soon buy bottled air...wait! we already have it.

    Tio Scragolo.