10 days until the end of my degree

Procrastination has hit me again. This time with a project I just can't seem to get into. 'Hate' is a strong word, but I have to use it to describe how I feel about this project. It will get done in time, but until then, I have decided to waste some time and post some photos of my finished cookbook. Which, I must say, I loved doing.

I hand bound it (hard cover and section sewn) which was a feat, but I think it turned out really nicely. Not sure I want to hand bind a whole heap of them, but maybe I will get faster at it and it won't be so bad. Or I'll get a book deal and someone else can do it! (I can dream can't I!?)

We had a designer from Penguin books come and judge our classes books, and I won the best illustrated book (along with another very talented girl). Which was nice :-)

Here are a few spreads...




  1. FABULOUS!!!
    haha no wonder u want to use that pattern everywhere! i love it!
    how long must u have spent illustrating! it's amazing!
    (that's probably more work than i've put into the whole semester!)
    DANI U R GREAT! - dont tell urself otherwise!

  2. What a beautiful book. I've just made a book for my own graphic design course too (you can see some pages at www.silvertone.co.nz).
    I wondered what paper you decided to print your book on?
    It looks like you've done a terrific job of binding the book yourself. I like the idea of a professional book person coming in to judge your competition and will suggest that to my own university lecturers.

  3. Hi! Thanks for your nice comments about my book!

    I printed on Saxton Smooth Chardonnay paper from KW Doggett. I chose 140 gsm which was a nice sturdy grammage for the book - but not too thick. The Chardonnay colour is creamy, but not too creamy! It suited my drawings nicely. I think white would have given the images a different feel.

    I love your book! it's very sweet. Are you hard cover binding as well? It pretty fun binding yourself if you have the patience :-)

    Good luck with your book and the rest of your studies!

  4. Dany, I love, love, love this book!! You are a. maz. ing. I'm so proud to have you in the store. When you have these ready, I would absolutely love to have a couple in the store.
    Well done!

  5. Oh lordy I am excited. Illustrations AND Mexican cuisine?!! I love this book already. Can't wait to buy it. I have long been obsessed with all things Mexican, and I find it so hard to get good Mexican recipes here in Aus. And the illustrations are so beautiful - well done.
    I'd love to do a story on the book for our blog www.textileandterrain.wordpress.com if possible? Harriet

  6. Hi Harriet, I would love 'My Abuela's Table' to be mentioned on your blog. Thanks so much! :-)

    I certainly hope you enjoy the book when it comes out. Thanks again. D

  7. http://textileandterrain.wordpress.com/2011/03/29/daniella-germain-my-abuelas-table/

    Here it is! Good luck with the launch!

  8. Thanks for a lovely write up Harriet!!


  9. hi, where can i buy it? love the illustrations. are you Mexican?

  10. Thankyou Yamila :-) It will be released in Australia on June 1 this year (published by Hardie Grant Books). If you're in Australia you will be able to buy at (hopefully) most book shops. If you're overseas you can probably find it online after this date. I will definetly be posting more about this once it's released! Thanks xo

  11. p.s. Yes, (although I don't look it) I am half Mexican...my mum is Mexican and I have a BIG family in Mexico! I hope to get back there in October!