September 28, 2010

If anyone is wondering whether the whole 'illustrating your purchases' thing actually works... well, it does. Since taking a break from it (due to overwhelming uni work load) I have been a bit more frivolous in my spending. Soooo... as a compromise, I will be doing daily illustrations, but they are just going to be mini sketches! Roughs! (i.e, not my best work, but better than nothing!).

These were done on the train on the way home today in my new Moleskine journal (pictured below!). I think the lady sitting next to me thought I was a little weird.


  1. Hmz... maybe I really should try this. I'm so very broke right now. Only problem is I can't draw, at all. Only problem number two, haha, is that it would mostly consist of very bad drawings of coffee anyway.

  2. Therese, I don't believe you when you say you can't draw!! Maybe you should photograph everything you buy! All those coffee cups anyway! :-)