There is a reason I haven't posted for three weeks... uni... or I should say, 82 page illustrated Mexican cook book. The bane of my existence.

9th to 14th August - $321.59

Lunch at Trunk (best burger ever)
: $14.50

Book of 10 postage stamps plus I sold a set of flying ducks on Etsy! Yay!
Postage: $11.65

Pet supplies: $30.40

No I am not into torturing my dog, but Mac has been threatening to bite a few dogs down at the park, so I am not taking any chances. Muzzle. Awesome.

Metcard: $14.70

Muffin: $2.80

Electricity bill (looks more like an egg, no?): $200 (and that was only half of it... the joys of winter in Melbourne).

Cauliflower and Bacon soup... YUM: $6.90

Coffee for the week: $13.50

Groceries: $27.14

2nd to 8th August - $893.17

Another crazy expensive week, but I (finally) sold my car... costs money to make money.
Roadworthy for car cost $500 in total. Sergio got a new muffler before driving off into the sunset with his new owner.
Art supplies: $126.
Am in love with my new Rotring pen nib. As you can see in my drawings it creates ultra fine lines! yay. Only bad thing is I found one on Ebay the next day for $20 less. :-( Oh well... supporting local buisness I guess. Also bought some new water colour paints as I was using a dodgy $10 pack. Actually... I can't really tell the difference between them :-\

Sushi: $5.80

Banana smoothie (a.k.a. lunch): $4.50
Bottle of water: $2.50
Coffee for the week: $10.20
Metcard: $14.70

26th July to 1st August - $167.70

I found an awesome shop online where you can buy very inexpensive gadgets that make buttons and badges. I've made some very cute buttons so far, and I will be adding these new items to my Etsy store very soon!

Craft supplies: $75

Muffin: $3.50

Chai Tea: $3.50

OK, so the tea pot was white and boring so I decided to draw a nice cast iron teapot that I want to buy from T2.

Coffee for the week: $11
Metcard: $14.70


  1. Awsome drawings/commentary Dan. Poor, poor Mac. Had to laugh.... Carmen x

  2. Oh man! Crazy Mac! I'm so happy that you finally sold your car! :) xoxo