Monday 23 to 29 August - $490.70
Ugg boots: $65

What a good daughter am I. Some super comfy warm ugg boots for my dad for Father's Day. These will keep him warm on his travels through Tassie over the next 6 months in his awesome caravan. So jealous.
Groceries: $27

Illustration/design books: $38

Just discovered wonderful illustrator Laura Stoddart. Immediately bought one of her books 'All for Love'. Looking forward to getting it from Amazon soon! Also found a great Japanese design book for the bargain price of $15.

Vintage story book: $15

Another book! I have not illustrated this one as I love the illustration on the cover so much I didn't want to wreck it. Very un-PC... a rabbit smoking while pushing a pram full of baby rabbits. How wrong can you get? Not sure when this book was written, but the pages are super thick with beautiful illustrations. Looks like early-mid 1900s. I bought it to rip up, but I don't think I can now. It's too lovely.
Car roadworthy certificate: $120
Daffodil day badge: $10

Supporting the great work of The Cancer Council (of course, as I work there!) - Daffodil Day donation.
HUGE phone bill: $169

New iPhone 4. Love Love Love it.
Coffee for the week: $11.50

Cookie: $0

This cookie somehow came free with my coffee one day this week. Thanks Soul Soup cafe (although I think it was a mistake!).

McDonald's soft serve: 50c

Petrol: $30

Printing: $5.70

I dare not think about the amount I have spent on printing over the past 3 years of my degree. I guess I will find out how much this semester!


  1. what japanese design book did you buy?

    inquiring minds :)