The love post

Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd August $195.80
Leather gloves: $17
I am in love with my teal leather gloves I found at the Vic Markets. Lovely :-)

Tuckfield bird cards: $16

I have a new love: Tuckfield bird cards. I stumbled on them at a great vintage shop on Smith Street (called 84 Smith Street), bought 6 of them and was hooked. I found two whole albums of the bird cards on Ebay. This cost me a tiny $16 including postage. I feel very bad for the Ebay seller as the postage cost $11. I now have 150 bird cards.... looove!!!!

Pizza Farro... 2 nights... $84

There is a lot of love this post. I love the pizzas at Pizza Farro in Thornbury... just around the corner from our house - one of the biggest selling points when we bought it! David and I had dinner there on the friday night, and then again on Sunday night with my dad who is visiting us (I shouted that night).

Dog bed: $40

More love. Ruby, my labradoodle. I love her to bits. So I bought her a super comfy dog bed from Lincraft. She is lying in it as I type!

Sushi: $2.30

Snack running from work to uni.

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  1. Love your new post!
    I'm glad you finally found your leather gloves :)