Wednesday 14 July - $67

Another big drive today to show Lavi Philip Island - but I had never been there either, so it was great for me too! It was a dreary grey day - with a lot (and I mean a lot) of rain around.

First stop a great little dairy farm in Caldermeade. Best scones and awesome coffee!!! YUM.

Of course we went to the Penguin Parade. Paid a little bit more to sit in the "VIP" viewing area, which was right were the little penguins trek past. It was such an amazing experience. They were the cutest little things - I wanted to bundle one up in my bag and take him home. I should add that while waiting for the penguins, the weather turned nasty and bucketed down on us. Freezing cold, soaking wet - but laughing the whole time about how silly it all was. Loved the penguins. Can't wait to go back in Summer!

Penguin Parade - $32 (with free hot drink!).

Petrol $15

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