July 8 - $42.50

2 x Tim Burton tickets - $28
Went to the amaaaazing Tim Burton exhibition with my cousin Lavi. So good. So very, very good. I will be illustrating a $90 Tim Burton book as soon as I can afford to buy it!

$3.50 - a pretty ordinary coffee at that.

Chicken pesto wrap $11... I am starting to realise I spend all my money on food!


  1. Hi Dany! Love this concept. I saw this other artist who does the same thing. Kate Bingaman-Burt. Have you seen her drawings? So amazing and funny! I'm so inspired to do something similar, not that I can draw... at all... but... well, anyway, Love your style! Definitely going to subscribe to this blog. Looking forward to see a lot of coffees and sushirolls:)

  2. Hey Therese! Ah, no I hadn't seen that artists work! OMG, she's been doing it since 2006!! I am already struggling at day 4! haha. There is another artist who drew everything she ate for a month - featured in Frankie mag this month. Pretty incredible. Anyway, this has certainly made me think about what I spend all my money on (food!!!).